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Sagacious Education Center

is an educational arm of KK Culture Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code: 550). We believe that junior secondary education is a very important stage of learning which forms a good foundation to help students excel in not only their studies at senior secondary education, but also public examinations.

We deeply understand the stress with which students as well as their parents in Hong Kong nowadays deal because we experienced similar before. In the light of this, we are committed to providing assistance to students with a better way of learning which they can hardly attain in mainstream education system. There is no short cut in learning but we can help them learn in a much more efficient and effective but easier way.

As a token of reward, students who have studied at our center and have achieved the first three places in school examinations will be awarded a prize from us. Those students who have financial difficulties may also receive a reduction of tuition fees. For details, please ask our staff.